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Home » Giorgi Beroshvili overcomes Tamas Kovacs in Trencin, Slovakia

Giorgi Beroshvili overcomes Tamas Kovacs in Trencin, Slovakia

Kovacs, cheered on by a nice crowd at the Sport Hall in Trencin, won the first two rounds with superior boxing, and seemed to have the wild-swinging visitor under control, but in round three it all went down hill for the veteran when a big left hook from Beroshvili detonated on his chin.

Kovacs was dropped hard, but made it to his feet before referee Tamas Sasvari reached the count of ten, and used some clever tactics to buy himself some more time when he spit out his mouthpiece. However, it was not enough, as Beroshvili had no intentions of letting his big chance pass him by and went for the finish.

Beroshvili soon found the chin of Kovacs with another big left, sending him down again, and this time it was all over even though Kovacs gamely got up again, as the fight was waved off. Official time of stoppage was 1:50 of round number three.

A disappointed Kovacs, now 27-2 (16), took the chocking loss admirably, and the sporting crowd cheered both fighters when the upset was a reality. This was without a doubt the biggest victory to date for 24-year-old Giorgi Beroshvili, who improved his record to 27-11-2 (19).

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