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Team Lo Greco firing on all cylinders ahead of Elegele clash

Team LoGreco is putting the finishing touches on fight camp for this Sunday’s ten round welterweight showdown and offered final quotes on the camp for Elegele.

Angel “Memo” Heredia, strength and conditioning specialist:

“Phil has been training non-stop even with all the changes leading up to this fight. He’s ready, he’s on weight, and I don’t see any problems at all. I’m 100% confident he will be victorious Sunday night.”

James Long, lead trainer, Long Life Fighter Gym:

“Training camp has gone really smooth. Phil is good on weight and the Vegas heat has really helped with that. We had our boxing training during the day, sparring 2-3 times a week, a lot of good sparring with different southpaws, with running at night. Now we’re settling in and getting set for Sunday.

Dr. Pietro Baio, exercise physiologist:

“This is our eighth fight working together. We finally have his diet and weight cut dialed in, and Phil was able to maintain his strength and energy the whole camp while cutting weight for this fight.

Watch Phil LoGreco battle Joseph Elegele Sunday on Bounce TV, 9 PM eastern, live from the Lakeland Event Center in Lakeland, Florida, and follow Phil on Twitter, @Phil_lo_greco, and on Instagram, @phillogreco