Jamie Speight tells Martin Hillman to ‘put up or shut up’

Southern Area Featherweight Champion Jamie Speight has expressed his frustration at up and coming Martin Hillman for using his name to attract attention when Hillman’s team have refused the offer of a fight with him.

“Martin should stop being a plastic fighter. All he is doing is fighting foreign imports and creating a perception that he is a real champion. I do not mind this but in an interview last week he has said he wants to fight for my title. If that is the case:

Why has his manager Joe Elfidh directly turned down a fight for my are title TWICE this year.

I will tell you why. Mr Elfidh knows that I will expose Martin Hillman and teach him a boxing lesson.

So Martin………. Put up or shut up!

Tell your manager to ring my manager and make this fight. I will fight on a home show your show and if the managers cannot agree financial terms let the fight go to purse bids. Also am happy for a winner takes all purse.

I do not expect a phone call to make this fight. So in that case please shut up and do not mention my name again.