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Home » Mayweather, McGregor toy with public over TBE v UFC clash

Mayweather, McGregor toy with public over TBE v UFC clash

On Sunday, McGregor was first to throw his hat in the ring with a poster of the pair face-to-face on his social media, before Mayweather confirmed via his usual media source of that he is considering fighting an MMA fighter.

All this comes on the back of Floyd Mayweather Sr. telling ES News on Saturday that his son was considering a fight against McGregor when speaking to Helen Yee on the red carpet at the Nevada State Hall of Fame Awards.

Mayweather v McGregor could well be a massive publicity stunt though as Danny Garcia is thought to be the hot favourite to oppose the pound for pound king in a September return, whilst any bout with the UFC star would be seen as a huge mismatch.

Mayweather vs McGregor

‘Money’ moving to MMA would be highly unlikely, meaning any encounter could only take place as a boxing match. McGregor has no experience as a pro boxer (little at all compared to Mayweather) having moved into MMA at 16 and would struggle to get a license to switch codes under normal rules. Granted that Mayweather being involved could sway any decision on McGregor, although hitting the record-breaking 50-0 by beating a predominant featherweight amateur boxer-turned martial artist doesn’t seem to be the right move for the American at this time.

The reports are more likely to be a smokescreen for something else Mayweather has in the pipeline, but you can’t rule out some sort of exhibition event between the two that would certainly intrigue the masses.