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Home » Petalcorin v Kimweri: Potential Fight of the Year return unnecessary despite initial protest

Petalcorin v Kimweri: Potential Fight of the Year return unnecessary despite initial protest

The bout was extremely competitive, and both boxers showed great courage and will to win. The fight has been considered to be a Fight of the Year candidate. Showing respect for both men, the World Boxing Council has been communicating with both camps, urging mutual respect and good faith, and we are proud of their fair play and ethical response.

The natural course of action would be to order a rematch. However, both camps have now advised the WBC that their boxers no longer wish to compete in the flyweight division. Kimweri will now campaign at Minimumweight while Petalcorin will box at Light Flyweight, rather than stay in the Flyweight division. Both are welcome to continue as proud contenders for the WBC championships, as heroes for their fans and their countries.

The WBC hereby declares the WBC Silver Flyweight Championship vacant, and both Mr. Kimweri and Mr. Petalcorin earned the highest of merit in their corresponding division. Kimweri is hereby appointed as mandatory contender to minimum silver champion Janiel Rivera, and Petalcorin is hereby appointed mandatory contender to Lightfly Silver Champion Ricardo Perez.

Boxing is a sport with many alleged controversies, but under its Constitution the WBC has the duty an authority to mediate in controversies whenever and wherever possible, with the goal of making boxing a clean activity, with ethical competition and respect for the rights of everyone involved.

The collaboration of the local boxing authorities from Victoria, Australia was exemplary. The review of the specific protests was handled in the highest manner of professionalism by the WBC Ring Officials Committee, and the WBC is deeply appreciative of their efforts as well.

The World Boxing Council would like to provide its most sincere gratitude and congratulations to the honorable representatives of both fighters for the manner in which the protest was resolved, and its best wishes for each boxer as they continue in their careers in the WBC.