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Lucas Browne avoids B Sample, focuses on sabotage investigation

In a statement issued through Hatton Promotions in the early hours on Wednesday, the 35 year-old is now resigned to whatever punishment the World Boxing Association feel the need to dish out.

‘Big Daddy’ has a clear window of opportunity that he believes could be key to clearing his name and fully intendes to do so in the future.

I made clear to the public last week that I intended to do all that I can to clear my name after the devastating news of the positive drug test following my successful defeat of Ruslan Chagaev for the WBA Heavyweight World Championship.

I am now able to report to you that on February 29th shortly after having arrived in Chechnya I was subjected to a randomly timed drug test by VADA. This was a test of blood and urine. The post fight test was a urine only test. I would like to again stress it was myself and my team who requested the bout be subject to VADA testing.

I now hold clear and unequivocal evidence that this test was a negative test and shows clearly that I arrived in Chechnya a clean athlete. Hatton Promotions have made this information available to the media today.

Following that clean test late only at the hotel in which we were hosted and at the meal following the boxers media weigh in. The water I drank on the night of the fight was sealed bottled water.

I wish to make it clear that I have at this stage no reason to take issue with the VADA testing of me in and around this fight. Given the result of the A sample I have no reason to believe that the B sample will provide any different results to the A sample.

My teams’ investigations will now concentrate on the period of time between the clean test on 29 February and the fight itself on 5 March. I maintain that I did not knowingly consume any banned substance, including the Clenbutrol found in my system in that time.

My team have worked tirelessly in support of me and I thank them for this and their unwavering faith in me. I thank the public for their understanding and support of the situation I find myself in also. I will continue to do all that I can to clear my name.

Lucas Browne

Browne defeated title holder Ruslan Chagaev in ten rounds on March 5 but tested positive a day later in a similar incident to the ex-champion’s previous opponent before him, Fres Oquendo.