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Home » Nick Blackwell in a coma, boxing world rallies round Trowbridge hero

Nick Blackwell in a coma, boxing world rallies round Trowbridge hero

Blackwell, 25, put up a stubborn resistance to a class operator in world-rated Eubank but took way too many full-bloodied shots from the Brighton man and now faces a fight to make a full recovery in future.

The contest as a spectacle was thrilling to watch, although it has to be said was completely one-sided in favour of pre-fight favourite Eubank. The 26 year-old ex-interim world title holder got through with numerous sickening uppercuts, and after six rounds you were starting to wonder whether referee Victor Loughlin could pull Blackwell out.

Into round eight, and as Blackwell was a bloody mess, Eubank and his famous father Chris Sr. were audibly questioning why the official was letting the warrior carry on to take a further beating.

Such is the heart of Blackwell though, ‘Bang Bang’ never gave up and refused to budge from Eubank’s pocket, personifying why boxers are the most respected athletes around for participating in the hardest jobs in the world.

Everyone must now show their support for a charming young character in his fight to come through what is becoming an alarming condition as the boxing world rally round one of their own in his hour of need.

Once again the warning signs of why this sport we love demands complete and utter recognition for what these men lay on the line for the entertainment of the fans are in evidence, and I sincerely hope for good news to come from Blackwell’s bedside.