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Home » Exclusive: Benn v Eubank III – Jr. backs dad for ‘huge event’, eyes co-feature spot

Exclusive: Benn v Eubank III – Jr. backs dad for ‘huge event’, eyes co-feature spot

The 26 year-old, who challenges for the British title this weekend against Nick Blackwell, believes any further battle between Senior and Benn would be massive despite both being retired for two decades.

“That would be a huge event. It would be something that would capture the imagination of the entire British public,” Eubank Jr exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If they can both get themselves in shape, I say why not?”

“It’s something that’s never been done in the history of boxing, so it’s something that would be a huge deal. And on top of that, if it was to go ahead, then I would be looking to fight on the undercard as father and son sharing the same bill.

“A former world champion, and who knows at that time I may have a world title, so It’s unheard of. 

“The potential is there and it’s a great opportunity if they can get themselves in shape.

“I believe it would be a great thing to do,” he added.

Chris Sr. and Benn fought two epic battles in different weight divisions three years apart in the early 1990’s and have been consistently linked to sharing the ring again, even after all this time.

Benn previously told WBN that he had agreed his side of a deal to face Eubank and was waiting for the Brighton man to agree his portion, but since then, talks have died down and little has developed.

Eubank Sr was also interviewed by WBN earlier this month and confirmed that the fight is something that greatly interests him, so in theory, a third encounter should be relatively easy to make.

Whether it actually comes off is another story entirely though, whilst there’s plenty to discuss by both sides on the matter.

For instance, how many rounds the fight would be agreed at, how many minutes per session, and ultimately the weight class for what would be an intriguing contest.