Devastated Lucas Browne vows to fight test failure: I’m a heavyweight, why take weight-strippers?

Team Browne

WBA heavyweight champion Lucas Browne is ready to do everything possible to clear his name after illegal substance Clenbuterol was found in his system.

A VADA test taken in the hours after his first world title triumph in Grozny against Ruslan Chagaev on March 5 was flagged for the decongestant drug – which is currently on the banned list.

Browne has now been put in the position were he has no choice but to fight his corner as the World Boxing Asssociation are awaiting the B sample of the test before making a ruling on the matter.

If found guilty, the 36 year-old faces a lengthy ban from the sport and his title of being the first ever Australian top division ruler will taken away and tarnished forever.

In a statement released to WBN on Tuesday, ‘Big Daddy’ revealed his devastation at hearing the news break on Monday night, whilst questioning the logic of him taking a drug used to help with cutting weight.


The World Boxing Association President was contacted by WBN for his view on what has transpired, and after being asked if Browne could be stripped of his belt, Gilberto Mendoza had this to say: “”It will all depend on sample B. We must wait until Browne and his team exercise their rights in this case to have the B sample findings. If confirmed though we must follow the rules.

“Clenbuterol is what the letter sent by VADA declares in its findings, but we must wait,” Mendoza exclusively told World Boxing News.