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Home » Exclusive: Chris Eubank Sr. discusses never fighting for his own British title

Exclusive: Chris Eubank Sr. discusses never fighting for his own British title

Chris Jr. battles Blackwell for the UK crown despite being on the verge of a world title shot and Senior believes victory would bestow new prestige on the family that he, himself was never in a position to attain.

Despite not holding a British belt aloft, two-weight world champion Eubank refused to see it as a detriment to the considerable achievements the 49 year-old eventually did go on to enjoy throughout his thirteen-year career.

“Regret? I don’t do negatives,” Eubank exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I wish I had fought for it, but Nigel Benn was Commonwealth champion and I was chasing him. He dodged me for two years until he had the WBO middleweight championship, and then, I ‘d been pushing so hard that I got the fight.

“Barry Hearn obviously made that fight, and then once I’d won it I couldn’t go back to British.

“I think British champion at the time was (Herol) ‘Bomber’ Graham. I think he had the belt, but I was so focused on Nigel Benn, which is obviously why I got him. Because I focused on that, I ended up getting it in the end and the British title just didn’t happen.”

That famous November 1990 victory over Benn, which Eubank speaks of, was the catalyst for an all-conquering championship reign lasting over four years until a fateful clash with Irishman Steve Collins in March 1995.

Eubank Sr. carved his path to glory without going what the purists call the ‘old fashioned route’ to world honours, although having the shiny red, white and blue belt in the family would mean a lot to the 1990’s boxing icon.

“It would honour my father, and with me, it would mean I can stand tall for my country. For Junior, it will do the same as well as being a representative for gentlemanly conduct in terms of this great game.”

Senior possesses one of the most glittering C.V’s in the sport having won 45 of 52 bouts as a professional and made 18 title defences, whilst now passing on his extensive knowledge to Chris Jr. with even more success for the bloodline.

Triumph for Eubank Jr. later this month would tick a huge box for all concerned and possibly be the start of a title-laden road to the top of the sport for a fighter enjoying the added pressure of earning new accolades for his family legacy.