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Home » Frampton: Quigg only agreed fight because of Gonzalez knockdowns

Frampton: Quigg only agreed fight because of Gonzalez knockdowns

The 28 year-old was put caught cold in the first session of his most recent world title defense against the Mexican in the US, but fought back bravely in July to score a unanimous victory over the twelve rounds.

Frampton believes long-term target Quigg, 27, took heart from the apparent vulnerability displayed by the Belfast man in Texas and signed to fight him February 27th largely due his performance in the opening round.

“I think that last fight was probably, I’m going to call it a blessing in disguise, because if I had went in and blew Alejandro Gonzalez away in one or two rounds then you wouldn’t be talking to me about Scott Quigg,” stated Frampton.

“Because I went down in the first round, that’s the only reason that (we’re fighting).

“I’ve been chasing Scott Quigg for a long time. I’ve been chasing him for at least four years when he was British champion, and it’s only now that they want the fight.

“So, again, a blessing in disguise, but it wasn’t my best performance. But, if you (take the knockdown) out of the equation then it wasn’t a bad performance (and I did what I) had to do to win.

“(Saying that), I’ll need to be at my best to beat Quigg, and so far in the gym everything’s looking like you’re going to see the best ever Carl Frampton,” he added.

Frampton v Quigg takes place at Manchester Arena on February 27 and sees both fighters put their respective belts on the line live on Sky Sports Box Office.