Hank Lundy: I’m the big ticket seller against Terence Crawford, he was scared to fight me!

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Hank Lundy wasn’t short of confidence this week as the American launched a tirade at the man who has been on his radar for quite some time – Terence Crawford.

The 32 year-old gains his chance despite losing two of his last three fights, possibly on sheer persistence alone, but is adamant Crawford has picked the wrong opponent for his February 27 outing in New York.

“I will be the big ticket seller in this fight not Crawford. We will have fans coming to see me, not Crawford — from Philadelphia, Boston and Providence. I ‘ve always fought on the road. I have fans everywhere,” said Lundy.

“This is Madison Square Garden. They want to fill the place they know who to get — Hank Lundy. I’m not the ‘B’ side I’m the ‘A’ side.”

Responding to Crawford’s comments on his loss to Mauricio Herrera, Lundy added: “Herrera? I was getting ready to knock him out and Golden Boy knew it. I told them I would fight him again, no purse bid. Nothing.

“I’m Hank Lundy. At the end of the day. I’m one of these fighters that can fight anyone. I fought a whole fight with a damn broken jaw. I put the guy down and he kept coming. But I had a broken jaw. The next day I woke up and it looked like I had grapefruit on the side of my face.

“I’ve got five kids. When I was 18 I was taking them to the gym with me, one on my arm and one in the stroller. Nothing stopped me. They’ve been with me my whole career. They know what it takes to work hard.

“I’ve known Crawford since the amateurs. He’s a tough guy. If he’s the best I’m about to show you something. It’s about to be Hank Lundy night at Madison Square Garden.

“This guy is scared to fight me. I’ve been moving all over to try to get him. I’ve got him now. If I’m under his skin now wait till fight time. One thing about it, I back it up. If you want to talk stuff you’ve got to back it up. You’ve got to have tough skin in this game.”