Watch: Tony Bellew KO’s Creed co-star Michael B. Jordan for real

Creed star Sylvester Stallone has revealed that real-life cruiserweight contender Tony Bellew laid out actor Michael B. Joran during filming for the smash hit Thanksgiving movie.

A critical success and due for release in the UK on January 15th, the Rocky spin-off sees Jordan’s character Adonis Creed/Johnson go up against Bellew’s portrait of the world’s number one pound for pound fighter.

In a behind the scenes snippet posted by ‘Sly’ on Wednesday, filming footage shows Bellew practising a fake punch landing over and over again, before attempting a live take and clobbering Jordan to the canvas.

The clip is shocking to watch as the Fruitville Station headliner is clearly unaccustomed to taking a punch, let alone from a brute like Bellew, although Stallone has assured fans that Jordan got right back up and did another take for director Ryan Coogler soon after.

Watch the clip below courtesy of Sylvester Stallone