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Home » Sylvester Stallone earns Golden Globe nomination for Creed role

Sylvester Stallone earns Golden Globe nomination for Creed role

Back in 1976, the now 69-year-old was an unknown actor when he pitched an idea for a boxing film to studio executives. After initially liking the script, Stallone was told he wasn’t wanted to play the lead role of Rocky Balboa, but dug his heels in until Metro Goldwyn Mayor finally gave in.

The result was a stunning performance from Stallone in an epic underdog story that earned ‘Sly’ his only ever nominations from the Golden Globe, Bafta and Academy Award panel.

Since then, and despite being an icon in the 1980’s and 90’, Stallone has only ever earned a small amount of praise for his acting work on Copland in 1997, although never received any official recognition from any of the major award ceremonies.

Fast forward to 2015, and Stallone’s latest instalment of the Balboa saga ‘Creed’ has been generating Oscar buzz ever since the reviews came out on the cast’s performance.

Director Ryan Coogler did a splendid job for his part, as did headliner Michael B. Jordan playing Adonis Creed, but it was Stallone’s portrait of the elder Balboa that once again captures the hearts of cinema-goers.

Real-life boxers Tony Bellew, Gabriel Rosado and Andre Ward all feature in the movie to their credit, which opened in the US over Thanksgiving weekend.

Stallone goes up against a talented bunch in Paul Dano, Idris Elba, Mark Rylance and Michael Shannon, but is now nailed on favourite to add an Oscar nod to his first Golden Globe nomination in 39 years.