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Home » Broner made ‘super’ champion, Benavidez-Di Rocco for vacant belt

Broner made ‘super’ champion, Benavidez-Di Rocco for vacant belt

The WBA Championships Committee, under the leadership of President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza Jr., pursuant to WBA Rule C.18 and after considering his career achievements and outstanding record, has named Adrien Broner as Super Champion of the division.

“The appointment of Broner as Super Champion will not unduly burden the other ranked contenders and will permit activity in the division,” explained Mendoza. “Pursuant to Broner being named Super Champion, Interim Champion Jose Benavidez shall face Michelle Di Rocco, currently ranked #3 by the WBA, for the title now vacant due to Broner’s Super Champion status.”

Broner will face the winner of the aforementioned bout, or Benavidez if the fight is ruled a draw, on or before May, 2017 (eighteen months) as a mandatory defense.

The WBA sanction fee for Broner purses while Super Champion will be 3% of the gross amount declared in the bout agreement. All other fees and charges will be pursuant to applicable WBA rules.

All other issues that may arise shall be resolved by the interpretation of WBA championship rules by the committee.