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Exclusive: Marcos Maidana under no pressure to decide future

Maidana, 32, has been enjoying the fruits of his labour after making eight figures from his double offering with Floyd Mayweather in 2014, although there has been some speculation that the Argentinian may never return to the ring.

Trainer Robert Garcia has already made public his views that Maidana, (35-5) may announce his retirement soon, leading to Contursi informing WBN that nothing has been decided yet on a possible 41st pro bout in 2016.

“We know that Robert speculated Marcos might not fight again, but at this point Marcos has not made a decision. He has not announced his retirement, nor he is willing to announce he is fighting again soon,” Contursi exclusively told World Boxing News.

“What Marcos is doing is just taking a long rest for the first time in his career like many other elite fighters have, namely, Miguel Cotto, Oscar De la Hoya and Mayweather at some point in their long careers.

“I guess in these cases when the fighter enjoys himself in his resting for a while the thought is that he might one day just wake up in the mood of fighting again. That is how it usually happens and that is the warriors’ life.

“For now, there are no pressures for him to make a final decision at this point and we will just have to see what happens,” he added.

In a previous exchange with WBN, Contursi stated that Maidana could go for a third weight world title at 154lbs following previous reigns at 140 and 147, but that’s also something that is yet to be settled on by the boxer himself.

It’s obvious that Maidana is intent on spending some time with his family after welcoming a new baby and getting married over the past eighteen months, whilst ‘Chino’ has plenty of time on his side before making anything 100 percent final.