El Mousaoui puts Witter behind him, focuses on big announcement

The 25 year-old Frenchman won a split decision victory over the Briton in his home country with contrasting cards reading 118-109, 116-112, whilst a third scored it 115-112 to former WBC champion Witter.

Witter, 41, has fiercely contested the loss in the media, no more so in an interview with WBN recently, although El Mousaoui is adamant that there was no dispute in the decision and say he won the fight fair and square.

“Of course, I’ve watched the fight back many times and from my side it was a closer fight than the cards saw it, that is true, but is no controversy,” El Mousaoui told World Boxing News.

“The official’s card have spoken, and in my mind, not so many people in France or England talked too much about controversy and I am a little bit surprised to hear about it. So, this is a point of view from some, but for me I won not so easily – but I definitely won.

“All fight long Witter wasn’t hitting me and I hurt him at least times in the fight. Also, my shots were more frank and telling. Therefore, it was for me a very interesting opponent to face and very strategic, but I think the public know who the winner was.

“I learned a lot with that fight against a high level fighter and a former world champion, so given the fact that it’s notorious in the UK, the English people maybe yelled a little fast about a “house” decision. I don’t have anything else to say about that, but they maybe should watch the fight again like I did.”

On the possibility of a second fight with Witter, El Mousaoui added: “A rematch has never been planned, but it would be a pleasure to give him a rematch as I’m a champion. Let his people speak with mine and we can see.

“I think in regards to my career agenda right now, it couldn’t happen before 2017 and it would not be for the EU title.

“At the moment, I will fight maybe the end of November or early December in a major title shot and it will be a very good opportunity. That’s all I can really say about that as the details and negotiations are not finished yet, I cannot talk anymore about the fight, but it will be a surprise to people.

“I need big fights to open the door to being one of the best in the world and I’d like to face the high-class ones of my category,” he added.

El Mousaoui’s team will make a formal announcement on his next move imminently.