Friends McDonagh and Byrne collide for Irish title on November 7

This will be shown live on BoxNation.

Peter McDonagh will be fghting it out against Dean Byrne to claim the currently vacant title. The two are pals outside of the ring, but with the title at stake, that will be quickly forgotten.

McDonagh is coming off the back of a string of wins. Byrne, on the other hand, hasn ?t enjoyed a victory since 2013, so is looking to change all that and he said he will put all friendship to one side.

“I will leave the old pals act outside the ring on November 7th and aim to turn the Cinderalla Man into Snow White by putting McDonagh to sleep!” said Byrne.

In response McDonagh said, “Dean needs to stop watching fairytales, because on 7th November he will be in a nightmare. Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

It looks set to be a good fght! One of many on the 7th November. Who will be announced next?