Kovalev not impressed, says only a handful in boxing are ‘real fighters’

The 32 year-old, who recently defended his clutch of belts against Nadjib Mohammedi, is also disappointed that he is only seen as a puncher and not a true boxer after putting together an almost 90% KO ratio through 29 fights as a professional.

“I want to be better and want to be improved for every fight because a boxer can never to be perfect,” said Kovalev.

“100% everything is good, no. Every boxer wants to be better, better, better. My goal in my preparations is to get better and remove all my mistakes from last fight. To show to people I can not only to punch, I can do boxing.

“I am disappointed people couldn’t see in my first 14 or 15 fights. I can do boxing. I just started to get good opponents when I signed contract with Kathy Duva.

“Very big respect with Kathy Duva and her team that they got attention on my boxing. I am very happy that I signed contract Main Events and right now my career is going up. It will continue be going up because we are together right now. We are a team – Egis Klimas, Kathy Duva, Main Events and Krusher Promotions. We are going up.

“We give to boxing fans good boxing fight because right now it is very seldom in real fights. Because a lot of fighters are making business but not making boxing. I can count on my left hand who are the real fighters in boxing: Gennady Golovkin, Miguel Cotto and Keith Thurman and I don’t remember more. And maybe me.

“I don’t want to push me that I am the best, but if people are thinking it I am very happy. I wake every morning and get running and working hard. I happy that people are thinking that I am good boxer.”

Kovalev recently offered Artur Beterbiev the opportunity to be his next challenger later this year, but was turned down by his undefeated compatriot who wants at least one more fight before accepting.