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Huck using new training methods for Glowacki defense

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To ensure on August 14th that the record breaking 14th title defense is successful, the 30 year old is battling the blistering heat of the Nevada sun and giving it his all. During this training camp the German is taking on some new elements, as even a professional boxer of more than ten years can still learn a thing or two.

“My coach makes me run up the hills of the Nevada Desert with a tire and a metal chain tied to my back”, said Huck. “That really takes it out of me. The great thing, however, is that it is not only beneficial to my overall fitness, but also increases the strength of my legs.”


This isn’t the only new element to Hukic’s training regime. “For active regeneration I paddleboard on Lake Las Vegas. I stand on a large surfing board and use an oar to paddle along. It trains my body stability and balance. Once I have paddled up the Lake and back, 90 minutes pass and I can definitely tell that I have just had a good workout.”

It is obvious, that Huck is impressed with the new impulses this camp is bringing. “I have been the world champion for almost six years now, so I have obviously been doing everything right. But new influences are always good and offer variety. Come August 14th the fans will be able to see how hard I have been working, and Glowacki will feel it.”