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Jermain Taylor blames temporary insanity, pleads innocent

Taylor, 36, had been ordered to attend the facility following some disturbing behaviour earlier this year which eventually resulted in the American being stripped of his world title.

The fighter, known inside the ring as ‘Bad Intentions’, alleged to have knocked the man to the ground resulting in visible injuries which the victim later handed the images of to celebrity website TMZ. Multiple bone fractures are said to have occurred in the assault which then resulted in Taylor being charged with second-degree battery charge.

At the hearing on Thursday, Taylor pleaded innocent by reason of mental disease of defect and was sent back to prison by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Leon Johnson until another court appearance on August 24.

The mental state of Taylor will have been fully evaluated the next time he appears in court and a final decision released before the troubled star can stand trial.

Once a unified champion, the boxer already faces a second trial for the wounding of his cousin and threatening behaviour with a firearm.

If found guilty, Taylor could face up six years in prison, solely the battery, which would almost certainly mean the end of his boxing career for good.