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Home » Khan open to Pacquiao, Bradley or Thurman – Brook in the future

Khan open to Pacquiao, Bradley or Thurman – Brook in the future

The 28 year-old is eagerly-anticipating an announcement from Floyd Mayweather on whom he will face on September 12 but doesn’t seem to be holding out any hope after accusing the pound for pound king of running scared.

“I think Floyd knows I’ll give him the biggest problems,” Khan told the Daily Mail whilst receiving an honorary degree from Bolton University on Wednesday.

“No disrespect to the other fighters (Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield), but why does he want to end his career on a low note after fighting Manny Pacquiao in such a big fight?

“He made Pacquiao wait and wait for the fight, caught him at the right time when he just past his best. He’s very smart like that and probably thinks Amir Khan is at his best so I don’t really need someone like him to give me those kind of problems.

“He knows I have the skills and talent to beat him to maybe that’s why he doesn’t want the fight.

Asked about what could be next, Khan then confirmed Brook as an option if only for the future: “I like the Manny Pacquiao fight and Brook is another name that could happen in the future, for sure. Bradley is another, there are a few good fights out there, Thurman too. There is a few, but we are just waiting on what Floyd Mayweather wants to do.”