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Sergio Martinez: I’m almost a former boxer!

The 40 year-old had been hoping to have one last bout on home soil in Argentina before hanging up his gloves, but Martinez is unsure that the nature of his recovery will allow him to do so. ‘Maravilla’ is now facing up to the fact that his last performance in the ring will be the crushing defeat to Miguel Cotto in June 2014 as Martinez edges towards a switch into acting and media.

“I am almost a former great champion as retirement is rapidly closing in,” said Martinez.

“I am feeling good, I am feeling happy. Even after losing my last bout and having a crushed knee, I am feeling great. Sometimes I wonder to myself; ‘What are the reasons to continue? I am already 40, my wrinkles are becoming wider and my hair is thinning. I am almost a former boxer and my knee is crushed.

“However, my ego doesn’t allow me to understand that here indeed is (the end of) my cycle. I’m not able to play soccer with my friends as I used to when kid. And of course it’s much more difficult to fight at the highest level.

“My final decision is already charted. I will have my final meeting with doctors and then I will announce my future. I will never forget boxing. It gave me absolutely all I have today,” he concluded.

Late-bloomer Martinez will forever be remembered for his spectacular knockout win over Paul Williams in 2010, alongside his amazing final round recovery against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr two years later.