Pacquiao: I beat Mayweather, I’m near retirement but want rematch

The seven-weight world title holder is back home following his loss to Mayweather on May 2 and subsequent surgery on a torn rotator cuff, although refrained from making any rash decisions regarding his immediate future in the sport.

“I will focus first on healing my shoulder. After that, I will announce continuing my career or announcing retirement,” Pacquiao told gathering reporters and fans in a short press conference.

“I’m not saying I am going to retire, but it’s near. I’m already 36, turning 37 this December.”

Pacquiao has been left disappointed as Mayweather recently retracted an offer to rematch his main rival once his injury heals in 2016, something ‘Pacman’ is still hopeful can happen as the two completely smashed pay-per-view records with sales of over 4.4million.

“I (would) like that. I want that. But my focus right now is my shoulder, my work as a congressman and my family,” he stated.

On his thoughts about the outcome of the fight since having some time to reflect, Pacquiao was still adamant that he did enough to take Mayweather’s coveted ‘0’ in Las Vegas.

“I reviewed the fight and kept score. I won by two points. But a decision has been made and we have to accept it,” he added.