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Home » Londoner El Harrak ready for Pearson test on MayPac undercard

Londoner El Harrak ready for Pearson test on MayPac undercard

To prepare for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, El Harrak’s dedicated all of his time to various aspects of training. From cardio to strength and conditioning, sharpening his skills in the gym and intense sparring sessions, the California based Londoner is covering everything imaginable. Most importantly, he believes the grueling training sessions he’s gone through at both Wild Card Boxing Gym locations is already paying off.

“It’s very important to have an ample amount of time to train for a fight and that’s not something I’ve had my whole career,” said El Harrak, who is 12-2-2 with 7 wins by knockout. “Mentally, I feel 100 percent ready to go out there and shine in the biggest fight of my life. I’m still working hard to balance everything out so the world sees the best Sid El Harrak next Saturday.”

He also loves being considered the underdog against the 11-0 and heavily hyped Pearson.

“I have a lot of pride and knowing that I’m coming into this fight as the B-side pushes me that much more. I love the fact that Pearson’s supposed to be “the guy” in this fight. If I fought who he did, I’d be undefeated. At the same time, had he faced the opponents I did under the same circumstances, he’d have a few losses. To be honest, I’m sick of thinking about him. This is the most eager I’ve been for a fight in my career and I can’t wait to show everybody what I can do on May 2nd!”

The El Harrak-Pearson ten round junior middleweight bout will be televised on various networks throughout the world.