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Fegatilli aims to halt Jacob’s unbeaten run, claim EBU title

Over the last three years, he has fixed the foundation of his career. He moved abroad, and is now based in the Netherlands. He changed his job, and is now a project manager at Brugmann University Hospital in Brussels. He also got married to a Dutch girl, bought a house and last but not least, joined the renowned team of ABA (Antwerp Boxing Academy) in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ermano Fegatilli: “You don’t start building a house with the roof. I needed to rebuild my foundations to get my boxing career back on track. I’m stronger than ever and ready to reclaim the European title. I’ve been working very efficiently with my coach Renald De Vulder to prepare the upcoming fight.”

As the official challenger for the EBU title, Ermano faces the challenging task of beating the undefeated Romain Jacob in his own town. Ermano: “He is statistically looking at his first defeat, he came across the wrong guy at the wrong time. That is too bad for him. He is standing in the way of my new European Title, to me he is just a French guy that speaks only French, only does boxing and only fights in his own town. His hometown is his safe haven but I’m going to give him hell. I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again!”

Ermano won the European title in 2011 by beating the British boxer Steven Foster at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, UK. Ermano: “I don’t mind stepping outside my comfort zone. I went to my competitors’ hometowns many times before to beat them in front of their own crowd, that’s when I do my best boxing.”

His trainer, Belgian top coach Renald De Vulder, added that Ermano is fit and ready to reclaim the European Title. With the full support of his coaches, medical staff and sponsors, Ermano’s chances of bringing the EBU belt back home after three years have never been better. The boxer’s main sponsor, Brandhome, is very proud that the European Title will soon belong to Ermano again and assures all necessary backing to reach this goal.

Ermano’s ambition is to bring the title back where it belongs; at the ABA gym in Antwerp.