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Home » Mayweather v Pacquiao: Contract ink is dry (photo), and so the anticipation begins

Mayweather v Pacquiao: Contract ink is dry (photo), and so the anticipation begins

The 37 year-old, who has amassed wealth beyond his wildest dreams in assembling the most impressive record seen in boxing since the great Rocky Marciano, is set to earn upwards of $150 million for his part in what is set to be the most lucrative boxing event of all time.

Mayweather’s home turf in Las Vegas at the world-famous MGM Grand will be the setting for the most anticipated pay-per-view extravaganza since the pound the pound king faced multi-weight champion Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 at the same venue.

This time though, in the opposite corner will be the man most in boxing consider to be Mayweather’s fiercest rival of the past decade as eight-weight champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao finally lands the fight he has craved since moving into the same weight class at the current two-weight unified world title holder.

The world will be watching as Mayweather and Pacquiao trade punches in a bout to be televised on HBO and Showtime simultaneously as ‘Money’ attempts to move onto 48-0 with just one fight left on his contract with latter mentioned broadcasters.

Yesterday’s announcement, which Mayweather used his Shots account to rubberstamp, puts an end to several failed negotiations and despair by the boxing fraternity at the dragging out of what should have been a relatively simple fight to make.

Pacquiao gave sole control of all aspects of the contract to Mayweather with a 60-40 split stipulation, although there were still points to iron out right up until the final round of talks which resulted in the American finally putting all out of their misery on Friday.

Everyone can now sit back and enjoy the build-up to what is certainly going to be one of the most watched sporting events ever as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally get it on to decide who the greatest fighter of this generation really is.