Don King: Bermane Stiverne was handicapped, should be granted Deontay Wilder rematch

Controversial promoter Don King believes his fighter Bermane Stiverne deserves a second fight with Deontay Wilder following his unanimous decision defeat at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last Saturday night.

Stiverne, 36, was effectively dominated by Wilder throughout the contest as the Haitian-Canadian surrendered his WBC heavyweight title and spent two days in hospital with dehydration and Rhabdomyolysis, a form on muscle fatigue.

King says these ailments contributed to a less than equal bout between Wilder and Stiverne on the night, but took nothing away from the new champion who could only beat what was in front of him and duly did so.

“We want to applaud Deontay Wilder for doing his job, but the man before him was handicapped and unable to do his job, but that should not take anything away from his victory,” said King.

“Deontay performed and did a great job. It is unfortunate, but Bermane will have to do it another day.

“Knowing the champion we have in Deontay has so eloquently stated that he will take on anybody, I am certain without any equivocation he would grant a rematch with the real Bermane than the man who was handicapped in the ring, not taking away the victory he had and the way he shined.

“We praise Deontay and hope he can be champion long enough to where we can have a rematch of the ‘Return to Glory’ soon,” he added.

Wilder himself suffered a hand injury in the fight and will undergo tests on Tuesday to find out the extent of the damage.

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