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Home » McCracken: Froch will definitely fight again, possibly twice this year

McCracken: Froch will definitely fight again, possibly twice this year

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McCracken also stated on Wednesday that Froch is close to landing a massive bout with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the spring and could even extend his career further depending on any outcome against the Mexican former middleweight title holder.

“We are still going through the Chavez offer and whether that is going to happen at the end of March,” McCracken told Sky Sports News HQ.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we are in talks about Carl fighting Julio Cesar Chavez (Jr). So until we know what is happening then obviously everything else is secondary.


“It is progressing as it should do, but until something is signed you never know. It’s moving in the direction that Carl will fight Chavez shortly, but obviously it’s not been signed and done yet. Talks are ongoing and we are positive and hopeful that is will happen shortly.

“He’s back in the gym and he is enjoying it. He is talking about one, possibly two more fights, but obviously we will take it one step at a time and see whatever motivates him and interests him.

“He will definitely fight again and hopefully it will be against Chavez in a big Vegas fight next. Obviously James DeGale is the mandatory and that will be looked at as well, but we will just see where it goes.

“Possibly he could have two big fights by the end of the year, but there won’t be any more than two fights that’s for sure,” he added.

The IBF recently gave Froch 30 days to negotiate with DeGale in a bid for the Nottingham man to complete his title obligations, although it looks increasingly like the three-time world champion will give up the red belt in favour of a Stateside clash.


Rumours are already circulating that DeGale could meet Mikkel Kessler for the vacant title once it has been rubberstamped that Froch has dropped his status, but that decision remains hinged on negotiations being completed for the Chavez Jr. contest.

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