Hitz Boxing retaliate to Chagaev promoter, produce signed contract

The dispute between Fres Oquendo’s promoter Bobby Hitz and Ruslan Chagaev’s handler Timur Dugazaev rumbled on today over an alleged $1m payment between both parties.

Hitz Boxing released a statement on Wednesday that outlined a $1m promise from Dugazaev to Oquendo for participating in the July WBA heavyweight title bout won by Chagaev, which the champion’s camp disputed to WBN on Thursday.

A contract has now been passed to WBN, which Hitz says is proof that Chagaev’s team have not followed through with their side of the bargain negotiate prior to the twelve round summer battle in Grozny, Russia.

“Liars figure and figures don’t lie,” Hitz exclusively told World Boxing News on Friday.

“”They promised us the promotional fee and nobody got paid. They’re trying to pull a fast one and the promoters other claims made to WBN are ridiculous.

“The bottom line is they never paid Fres Oquendo the million dollars they said they would. They also never paid our promotional fee and they did not abode by the signed contract.”

Legal action is being sought by Hitz and Oquendo over the non-payment, with the disagreement looking set to continue as both sides put their respective points across.

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