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‘It all comes down to skills and adjustments’

At 37, and with one debated stoppage to his name in seven years, pound for pound king Mayweather is aiming to lay it all on the line against Maidana in order to prove he still has the power to finish fights early.

“I need a knockout and I’m going for it. I need it to make a statement. First for myself, I want to do it for me,” said Mayweather.

“Robert Garcia can say what he wants to say. My dad can say what he wants to say. Both teams can go back and forth and bicker all day. In the end it comes down to skills, smarts and adjustments.

“We sparred with some guys who have similar styles to Maidana’s. Guys who threw a lot of looping, wild shots. Very strong rugged guys. We had a lot of good solid work with these guys.”

Mayweather was unable to shift Maidana in their meeting last May on his way to a majority decision triumph and knows ‘Chino’ will be coming straight forward and using any means necessary to get the upper hand.

‘Money’ admitted that for some the contest may be too close to call, but has promised to use his considerable ring craft to come out a winner and improve his amazing record to 47-0.

“I don’t know who has the advantage in the rematch. I know I’m sharp, I know he’s sharp. I was able to make the adjustments in the first fight and we’ll see if he can make the adjustments this time,” he stated.

Mayweather v Maidana 2 is live on Showtime PPV on September 13 and BoxNation in the UK. To subscribe click BoxNation

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