50 Cent posts grainy video on possible fight with Floyd Mayweather

The musician and boxing promoter has recently been embroiled in a feud with ‘Money’ after comments ‘Fiddy’ made regarding Mayweather’s education – as relations between them both hit an all-time low.

In the video, released on new video app hang/w, 50 Cent seems to allude to either a full on boxing bout or a potential street fight, although either actually happening remains a long shot.

Below is a transcript of what is said as the video is poor quality:

50 is asked: “You ‘an Mayweaah, whe ‘you goan’ star’ a fight?”

(Are you and Mayweather going to start a fight?)

He replies: “I’ono. Maybe when I see ’em. You wan’ fight ’em you just fight, ayight? You don’t gotta organize this shit.”

(I don’t know. Maybe when I see him. If you want to fight him you just fight, alright? You haven’t got to organize this shit.)

“It’s a Boxing match… Said I’m 220 boy, I hit a n***a, he see’a white light.”

“I gotta come down a lil’ bit though.”

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