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Home » Ellerbe clarifies Mayweather Promotions have taken over Floyd’s fights

Ellerbe clarifies Mayweather Promotions have taken over Floyd’s fights

Although Golden Boy have been actively involved in the promotion of the rematch with Marcos Maidana, as usual where Mayweather is concerned, Ellerbe has moved to point out that Floyd and his team are the ones in control.

“Nothing has changed now that we are taking the lead and promoting Floyd’s fight. And Floyd plays a big part in that as well. He is there every step of the way and makes decisions on all of the major creative and marketing areas that goes into selling one of his fights. But that has been the case for many, many fights now. Floyd is always hands on. He’s been making the decisions then and now,” said Ellerbe.

The relationship between Mayweather and Golden Boy has become more distant since Oscar De La Hoya announced his intention to work alongside Top Rank’s Bob Arum, although Ellerbe says isn’t any change to what transpired beforehand.

“Personally there is no difference now that Mayweather Promotions is the main promoter. The whole licensing thing is simply a formality. We’ve been putting in the work for years but just haven’t been getting the credit.

“It’s hard work combined with marketing that will allow you to make the crossover to the masses. You have to go beyond the diehard boxing fans to reach a bigger audience and make a PPV fight a success,” he added.

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