Mayweather: If Khan thinks Pacquiao is tougher I’ll remind him when I beat him!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has given another clear indication that Amir Khan is in line to be his next opponent as world’s best fighter prepares for his upcoming rematch with Marcos Maidana.

The 37 year-old, who was linked to a bout with the Briton in May before deciding on a battle with Maidana, is willing to give Khan his chance, although would expect another big performance from the ex-world champion before agreeing to a huge match-up.

“He (Amir Khan) knows that the fight between us can still happen,’ Mayweather said, according to The Daily Mail.

“He is an exciting young fighter – but I don’t just fight anybody – they have to prove themselves.

‘If you ask me will the fight happen – then I would say yes. I hope next year – but these fights are always about timing.”

Khan, 28, was quoted as stating that he would be up for a fight with former stablemate Manny Pacquiao if Mayweather wasn’t forthcoming in 2015 and even went so far as predicting that the Filipino would pose a greater threat.

“I saw the comments where he thought Manny would give him a tougher fight than me. I have no response to that. I will just remind him of those comments after I have beaten him,” added Mayweather.

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