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Home » Amir Khan apologizes for naked tweet on the day assault case is dropped

Amir Khan apologizes for naked tweet on the day assault case is dropped

Fresh from a common assault case being withdrawn by two 19 year-old men, Khan, 27, seemingly caused more outrage by posting a joke, alongside a graphic picture of two young women with no clothes on.

Khan hastily pulled the tweet on Monday and put it down to a possible hacking, although not before plenty of his fans posted disappointed responses to the image appearing on his timeline.

“Sorry about the last tweet I just deleted, not sure where it came from,” stated Khan, which came with the hashtag #Hacked.

A hack job or not, it’s still yet more derogatory headlines for the one-time 140lb king to deal with as he participates in Ramadan, an integral part of his religious beliefs as a devout Muslim. His faith forbids recently-married Khan from viewing any nudity during this period and had some in outrage at how that kind of material could be shown to others who were also practising the month-long fasting.

Father to a new-born baby daughter, Khan usually likes to portray a squeaky-clean image to go with his star quality as a world champion boxer, although a PR offensive may have to be arranged to fend off these latest sorry headlines.

A picture of his young relatives in the bath was innocently posted by Khan earlier this year, but after some advice from people replying to the tweet, was also hastily taken down by the Olympic silver medallist.

Away from the controversy, Khan is plotting his next move as a fight with Manny Pacquiao is rumoured to be on the cards for November as the Bolton man builds on his superb recent win over Luis Collazo.

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