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Home » Sampson Lewkowicz: If Sergio Martinez returns it will be in Argentina

Sampson Lewkowicz: If Sergio Martinez returns it will be in Argentina

The stoppage loss also cost Martinez his coveted position as the number one middleweight in the world, and at 39, it would be a tough ask for ‘Maravilla’ to regain his position having had so many injuries of late.

Lewkowicz believes the home fans back in Argentina will want to wish Martinez well in one last fight if he does decide to walk away, although his long-time friend is hanging on a formal decision from the former WBC champion.

“After such great victories, he surely would love to have a fight to say goodbye to his fans,” Lewkowicz speculated.

“If he wants to continue, it’d be to have another fight in Argentina. But the decision is only his.

“Sergio is a very smart man. He’s highly articulate and intelligent, so he’ll have no problem in building a career after boxing.”

Martinez was also praised for the heart he showed against formidable puncher Cotto, who had the two-weight world title holder on the floor four times before the corner pulled him out to save him from more punishment.

“Since he went down the first time, he climbed back up and fought on for eight more rounds, but he was hurt. He never recovered, but he fought so bravely with his heart,” said Lewkowicz.

“Sergio had prepared for 15 rounds, and anyone who knows him understands he would rather die in the ring before giving up. I understand that Pablo Sarmiento made the right decision to stop the fight. Sergio had not won a round and there was no need to receive more punishment,” he added.

A move back down to light-middleweight could be an option for Martinez as he was always small at 160lbs, but as the one-time great heads towards his 40th birthday, it’s hard to see where else he could go at this stage.

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