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Trainer Peppe Johnson analyses Trey Lippe Morrison’s pro debut

The 24 year-old has more pressure on his shoulders than most as the Oklahoma fighter takes tentative steps through the paid ranks, after all his father was world famous heavyweight champion, the late Tommy ‘The Duke’ Morrison.

Lippe is scheduled for a second outing next month to build on his winning debut, with coach Peppe Johnson handed the task of moulding the rough diamond into a contender in the years to come.

Johnson, as most trainers are, was somewhat critical of his fighter’s performance at the Buffalo Run Casino on February 15, but has high hopes for Lippe, who is certain to have plenty of support for his heavyweight run.

“I’d say Trey went out a little reckless which led to him getting caught with a nice hook, although that is understandable due to it being his first fight,” Johnson told World Boxing News.

“The second knockdown should not have been counted as I didn’t think he touched down, but it was on the ref and Trey did well to come back strong.

“Trey is still learning the sport and I’d say he did okay for not ever having a boxing match before.”

There were definitely shades of his father in the almost five minutes of action we got to see of Lippe, who possesses the trademark head movement and left hook of his famous dad. Morrison used both to great effect in becoming WBO champion in the 1990’s and Johnson says they are both something that can become greater assets as time goes on.

“The head movement is something we work on a lot and there is no doubt Trey will master how to use it and get better,” said Johnson.

“He also has that great left hook, which is something of his signature punch and we will continue to work, train, train and work as Trey is learning all the time.

“Having the father he had is something I hope can help him and give him a focus to strive for, as I believe that if he keeps getting better everyday as he is doing, Trey can go very far,” he added.

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