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Enzo Calzaghe: No need for Froch rematch, Groves should be champion

Groves, 25, had to go through a ton of red tape to even be considered for a return with Froch, although Calzaghe still can’t see how the first decision by referee Howard Foster to end the fight in the ninth round was allowed to stand.

“I think it was completely unjust due to the fact that the referee made a massive boob and now he has gone and lost his licence for his ridiculous decision,” Calzaghe told World Boxing News.

“In my opinion, George Groves should be the current champion of the world and not Carl Froch. We shouldn’t even be watching this rematch because Groves should already be holding the titles.”

‘The Saint’ had a stunned Froch on the floor in the very first round in the original contest and looked to have a handy lead through the first six rounds. ‘The Cobra’ ultimately launched a comeback that resulted in him controversially retaining his WBA and IBF belts – an ending that sparked fierce debate amongst fans and media alike.

Since the November clash, Froch has admitted that he took Groves lightly the first time, with the knowledgeable Calzaghe of the belief that the challenger just needs to perform to the same level as before to come out on top in May.

“Groves performed magnificently on that night and I don’t think he can better than that so the bottom line is whether Froch can really improve on his performance the last time as it wasn’t without fault.

“Froch has been at the end of his career for a long time and is only world champion because of the wrong decision of the referee in the first match.

“Groves shouldn’t be having a rematch to prove anything because he should already be the champion” he added.

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