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Home » Froch: Groves fight is for the public, I was sick of his endless whining!

Froch: Groves fight is for the public, I was sick of his endless whining!

‘The Cobra’ has admitted that he took Groves lightly the first time around, but ultimately still feels he has something to prove against ‘The Saint’ which has prevented him considering other options until a later date.

“I’m pleased to finally get my next fight confirmed,” said Froch. “We had a number of options but ultimately I listened to the public and gave them what they wanted, I expect this to be one of the biggest fights the country has ever seen.

“It’s been a difficult period for me following the first fight. I’ve had to listen to his endless whining and appeals when ultimately the referee did him perhaps the biggest favour possible and saved him from a devastating knockout, whilst denying me the right if a clinical finish and a great comeback victory.

“I was poor in the first fight. I didn’t give him the respect as a fighter and lacked the drive that I had against Lucian Bute and Mikkel Kessler. Well now he has my attention but ultimately it’s not going to get any better for George from here. He threw the kitchen sink at me that night and I still found a way back in the fight to win. I love to fight and I can’t wait to get back in there and do a proper job in him.”

Froch, 36, has had to endure some tough times in the wake of last November’s encounter as Groves and his fans protested a premature finish by referee Howard Foster, with the three-time world title holder now having the chance to put things right late in the spring.

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