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Home » Hearn: We expect to hand in signed contracts for Froch v Groves II by Friday

Hearn: We expect to hand in signed contracts for Froch v Groves II by Friday

IBF chairman Lindsey Tucker had already explained to WBN today that a week-long extension was granted to finalise a second world title grudge-match between the two rivals and Hearn is confident that this deadline will be met.

“‘We received an extension last Friday from the IBF after significant progress was made to make the Carl Froch v George Groves rematch,” Hearn told World Boxing News on Wednesday afternoon.

“As IBF President Daryl Peoples said they are awaiting the contracts and we now have until Friday to furnish them with those signed contracts which we expect to be able to do.”

This news will be greeted with cheers by those clamouring to see another instalment of the exciting spectacle as the first outing ended in controversial fashion when Groves protested an early stoppage by referee Howard Foster.

Froch was linked to negotiations with Julio Cesar Chavez earlier this year, before reportedly offering Groves seven-figures for a return – which was then turned down flat by the Londoner. 

But once Hearn hands in the paperwork on Friday, this will avoid the scenario of Froch taking 85% of the purse and Groves picking up a meagre 15% as another hefty serving of animosity begins ahead of what is expected to be a massive outdoor meeting in May.

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