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WBC to make decision on Jose Sulaiman successor

Sulaiman passed away following an illness after holding his position since 1975 and son Mauricio Sulaiman has been undertaking duties as head of the organisation since then whilst grieving his loss.

Robert Lenhardt, who resides as the WBC Chief Special Counsel, has clarified to WBN that a formal decision will be made by April, although there could be something concrete in place as early as February.

“Per the WBC Constitution and given the current status of the organization, Mauricio Sulaiman as Executive Secretary is responsible to administer the WBC in the immediate term. Mr. Sulaiman will then organize a special election within 90 days of the vacancy of the Presidency,” Lenhardt told World Boxing News.

It is believed that Mauricio Sulaiman has the backing of many within the World Boxing Council to be the one who takes over from his well-respected father, with the final decision resting with senior figures at the WBC. 

A voting system is already in place for the ballot, with Sulaiman the early favourite to keep the post in the family.

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