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Home » Toney rages as Jones Jr. opts for Frenchman: Roy’s got no balls, he’s 100% bitch!

Toney rages as Jones Jr. opts for Frenchman: Roy’s got no balls, he’s 100% bitch!

The 45 year-old, who has been his most active in recent times in 2013, had hoped to land a belated return with his old rival on December 21 in Moscow, although Jones has now chosen to face little-known Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf instead.

Toney, speaking exclusively to World Boxing News before releasing his official statement, is devastated that the fight has fallen through, but hopes to resurrect a deal with Jones in 2014, according to agent Steve Tannenbaum.

“Well it’s happened again! After our teams had a verbal agreement Roy Jones Jr, he has decided to run away from me like a punk ass pussy and fight some French pastry guy that nobody even knows,” Toney fumed.

“It’s amazing how this so called “living legend” doesn’t have the balls to man up and fight me again.

“I miss the days when the biggest fighters and the biggest names fought each other, but now most of them run away whenever a real challenge presents itself.

“I hate to disappoint all those who supported me in a rematch with Roy, but you can thank Roy “Got No Balls” Jones for that. No matter what I’ve said in the past about Roy I’ve always respected him as a fighter, but as a man I can’t respect him cause truthfully he’s 100% bitch.

“All I can do at this point is keep training hard with the hopes that somebody out there is man enough to fight me.

“To all my real fans I love you all and I’m going to keep going hard for you, trust and believe that.”

Tannenbaum then added: “I have been in touch with Vlad Hrunov today and he has told me that he will try to make Jones Jr. vs Toney II: The Rematch, in Roy’s next fight.

“Although Toney is irate at Jones for side stepping him in favour of the French opponent, we all at Team Toney are hoping Jones is victorious on December 21st and that will keep the possibility of a Toney vs Jones rematch alive.

“As you know Roy Jones has taken a couple of siestas in the ring these last few years and may be a little gun shy to fight Toney as he is probably afraid that he might be knocked out.

“We were prepared to leave for Moscow and the promoter did prefer to have Toney as I and everyone else knows nothing about this Frenchman other than he is very tall. “Hopefully he can’t pop as Jones legs and chin are not that reliable these days and we want Roy to make it through to eventually fight Toney.”

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