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Haye set up Groves potential perfectly pre-Froch bout

Haye, who was a long-term training partner of ‘The Saint,’ was praising the confidence and focus of Groves in the build-up on watching the Sky Sports PPV replay, and on reflection, you cannot fault his pre-fight talk that preceded the contest.

Groves went into the bout totally written off, and I was certainly one of those to do that, but Haye gave a glowing report to Dave Clark and company in the studio and rightly so after what consequently transpired.

Unified title holder Froch was resoundingly found wanting in the early stages of the fight and put down in the first round by Groves, who looked to be on his way to claiming two world crowns at the first attempt.

Only a change of tactics from the sixth round onwards cost him a brilliant victory, as I had the Londoner four points up, with Froch eventually drawing Groves into a fight that he ultimately could not win.

A rematch is much touted, and highly justified, although with Groves’ world-class secret, that Haye tried to relay, now out in the open – it would be foolish to expect a similar performance from Froch, which makes for an even more intriguing return in 2014.

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