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Home » Quigg blows away Silva in two rounds, Frampton now off the radar

Quigg blows away Silva in two rounds, Frampton now off the radar

The undefeated champion jumped on the slight-looking Argentinian from the off and after trying a little too hard in the first round, trainer Joe Gallagher gave Quigg the instructions to finish the fight early and the 25 year-old duly came through.

A sweet uppercut on the ropes put Silva down early in the second and after taking a count, the challenger bravely attempted to survive, although the onslaught from Quigg was just too strong. Quigg stalked his man once again and a solid right hand to the temple put Silva down, with the referee not even bothering to count as the fight was over from the time the punch landed.

After the fight, Gallagher called on IBF champion Kiko Martinez for a 2014 unification in his interview with Sky Sports Box Office, something which may not go down well with domestic rival Carl Frampton, who also has eyes on a rematch with the Spaniard.

Gallagher also ruled out any bout with Frampton in the future and said Quigg was ready to move on to the likes of Leo Santa Cruz after the Irishman turned down a considerable amount of money to participate in a grudge match.

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