Lennox Lewis: No comeback, I gave a hypothetical answer!

World Boxing News have exclusively been told by Lennox Lewis himself that the recent reports that he could return to face Wladimir Klitschko for $100million were taken literally, rather than in the context he intended.

The 48 year-old, who ruled the heavyweight division during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, spoke to a British newspaper in the wake of Klitscko’s recent wide points victory over Alexander Povetkin and has now confirmed to WBN that returning to the ring was never his intention.

“I can say that I am not making a comeback,” Lewis told World Boxing News.

“I was asked a hypothetical question and gave a hypothetical answer.”

Any suggestion that Lewis could step back in the ring against a world-class operator like Klitschko after a ten-year absence are ludicrous by the Londoner’s own admission and the former Olympic champion is staying true to his word that he will never return.

Lewis unified the heavyweight division and defeated every fighter he ever faced in boxing the first time around and doesn’t feel the need for a second coming, whether offered a massive paycheck or not.