EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Morrison widow explains death, wants HIV answers

Trish is adamant that there were no traces of the disease found in Tommy’s body upon his death and that the ‘Rocky V’ star died from complications of Miller Fisher Syndrome and aims to get the relevant information out to the fans.

The letter addressed to Dr. Robert Voy:

I sent you an email a few days ago and respectfully requested a response.

Tommy passed away on Sep 01 at 1150pm. Death certificate confirms cause of death:

41 minutes prior ~cardiac arrest

24 hours prior ~septic shock

And 24 hours prior ~multi organ failure
24 hours prior ~psuedomonas aug septicemia


He never had pseudomonas until a home health nurse pulled out of his chest 12foot of surgical gauze that had left in there for numerous days that caused his body to go into shock in Dec 2011 ~ which he fought all the way to the last breath.

After rereading the emails between Tommy and the test manufacturers and lab and yourself ~ you are ALL stating that you do NOT diagnose.

The tests you requested and the lab you used all have disclaimers and take NO responsibility for diagnosing anyone~including my husband~with HIV INFECTION nor with HIV VIRUS.

So WHO did diagnose Tommy with the HIV INFECTED VIRUS/aids?~ that kicked him out of boxing and made his life spiral into despair?

As you recall, CLINICALLY on his boxing physical, you passed him with flying colors: a copy of which we have and a copy of which you have in his file.

This is important, Dr. Voy~ NO blood was redrawn ~ nowhere on the test results that finally retrieved after having been “purged” every seven years did it have his social security number or date of birth. Two important forms of identification necessary for everything regarding medical and personal records in the USA.

It appears to be the attending physician that interprets test results and diagnoses from what I have learned.
However, in writing, you state you are NOT professionally qualified to do so, and you state you did NOT diagnose him with HIV aids.

WHO did?

Respectively waiting for your answer. Trisha for Tommy