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Klitschko v Povetkin in doubt over drug-testing

It is thought that everything has been agreed for the multi-million pound clash in Moscow, Russia on October 5, with the only sticking point being the agreement on drug-testing, which Boente won’t budge on.

“(If the NADA are not overseeing the fight between Klitschko and Povektin) there will be no fight and this is not up for discussion,” Boente told SID (AFP).

“(This is the best way to) rule out any inconsistencies with questionable analysis by Russian anti-doping agencies. (It is) better safe than sorry. I’ve already seen too much in this business.”

Klitschko, 37, is set to pocket a mammoth $17million for his part in the deal after promoter Vlad Hrnuov bid just over $23million to stage the fight, with Povektin looking at a cool $6million win or lose against the world’s best heavyweight.

The World Boxing Association have set a deadline of June 7 for both sides to agree the fight, which gives them until Friday to iron out their differences and finalize the contracts.