Hrunov: Testing is agreed; NADA for Klitschko, RUSADA for Povetkin

Promoter Vlad Hrunov has reacted swiftly to reports that Wladimir Klitschko manager Bernd Boente has threatened to pull his fighter out of a clash with Alexander Povetkin without the involvement of NADA drug testing.

Hrunov, who bid a whopping $23million to stage the fight, explained to WBN that terms have been agreed between both camps and that the German Nation Anti-Doping (NADA) will have a role to play in the world title bout.

Povetkin will use the Russian-based RUSADA testing on his part and Hrunov is now confident that the fight will be agreed before the June 7 deadline stipulated by the WBA, with the bout slated for October 5 in Moscow.

“Testing is agreed for the fight. It will be NADA for Klitschko and RUSADA in Russia for Povetkin,” Hrunov exclusively told World Boxing News.

With Boente’s main concern now addressed, according to Hrunov, there should be no reason why the fight cannot be officially announced early this week as boxing fans eagerly-await the four-belt heavyweight offering.