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Home » Oquendo wants Klitschko chance, will consider Chisora offer after June 8

Oquendo wants Klitschko chance, will consider Chisora offer after June 8

‘The Big O’ has 35 wins from 42 contests so far, and at 40 knows that time is running out to fulfil his dream of becoming world heavyweight champion. Tsatasis is hopeful that a win over Rossy will push his fighter closer to a Klitschko shot, but will discuss the Chisora option with Promoter Bobby Hitz if it remains on the table for later in the year.

“Currently Fres and I are in training camp in Miami at the 5th St Gym and Fres is not looking past the Rossy fight as it is for three belts – the WBC USNBC, WBA Fedelatin and NABA,” Tsatas told World Boxing News.

“After this fight, if we win of course, Fres ought to be ranked between one and four with the WBA and in Top 10 with the WBC. We have worked very hard and it has been a tough road to get back here.”

On the topic of the Chisora offer, Tsatas stated: “Derek Chisora is a tough, young fighter with a lot of heart and It would be a great fight for sure,” he said.

“We will consider that option after the June 8th fight, when we will discuss it with our promoter.

“Right now we would like to fight for a heavyweight title and that is our ultimate goal. We want to fight for either the WBC or the WBA belt and we feel Fres had earned the opportunity through his experience, talent and durability against seven world champion and future Hall of Famer’s

“Once speaking to Bobby, If he feels going through Chisora can lead Fres closer to doing that we will consider our options after June as Bobby was the one who received the offer.

“On my part, I feel Fres is a viable opponent against either of the Klitschko’s and we just want a chance. Both Klitschko’s will either be knocked out by Fres or quit if he is given both chances.

“Fres was never beaten fairly or quit throughout his career and has fought higher quality opponents and never been KO’d, down, embarrassed or beaten like the current champions.

“We just want the truth and fairness. Everybody knows he beat Chris Byrd and that he has been cheated a few times. And we know he would have done better than 99% of the Klitschko’s opponents over the past five years. We just need pressure on them to take the fight,” he added.