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Peter Fury: Hughie and Tyson are characters, good for heavyweight boxing

The former amateur star has impressed so far with two stoppage wins and goes into the contest against Dean Story as a massive favourite to score another knockout at the Festival Arena in Shediac.

Peter, who oversees both Hughie and older cousin and 21-0 world rated contender Tyson’s training regimes, believes that the sport is a brighter place for having to two bruisers involved as the Fury’s extend their growing reputation’s worldwide.

“In his last fight, Hughie stuck to his game plan and had a ferocious win over a big brawler type of guy. He showed that he has a lot more to offer and can only get better,” Peter told World Boxing News.

“Boxing is a art and Hughie has displayed how to box properly in both his fights so far. I believe Hughie will achieve big things in boxing as the public have only seen the tip of what he’s going to do when the opposition steps up.”

Highly-ranked Tyson has been on the wrong end of the media at stages of his career and after his sound victory over Steve Cunningham last month, Peter wants the outspoken 24 year-old to keep a lid on the controversy as he edges closer to a world title chance.

“Hughie and Tyson are both of exceptional of character and good for heavyweight boxing, but as Tyson is a God worshipping man, he needs to represent the lord out of the ring by being more of himself and not playing the villain too much,” he explained.

“There is a fine line with how to take it, but his personality is amazing and very good for all concerned. They are boxing doing boxing proud.”